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Public Welfare Projects
Seedling Fund
Seedling Fund

The first special purpose fund established in China to aid scoliosis

Scoliosis Screening
Scoliosis Screening

School screening programs for scoliosis jointly launched...

China Scoliosis Association
China Scoliosis Association

A formal communication platform whose administrative staff are volunteers and are nominated by scoliosis patients .

Experts| The team of experts

The Scoliosis Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 2008 by Professor Fobao Li, a famous orthopedic specialist, and Professor Junlin Yang, now the director of Scoliosis Center. Since then, the institution has grown into one that includes over 50 doctors from 17 units such as the Department of Spinal Surgery, the Department of Anesthesiology, Operating Room and ICU. As the only multi-departmental scoliosis center at home, the institution performs over 200 surgeries on scoliosis each year... [More]

expert invited specially:
Big Team

The only multi-departmental scoliosis center in China with 17 units.


We have successfully performed high-risk surgeries on spinal deformities.


The firstcommunication platform in China for postoperative scoliosis patients

Case presentation| Case analysis

Spinal Science| Spinal Science